Octopussy on Cabin Quilt Cats Collection- Lesley Anne Ivory Set of 3 Fine Bone China Mugs

US $69.30


  • Height: 88 mm
  • Volume: 280 ml
  • Diameter: 77 mm excl. Handle
  • Microwave/Dishwasher Safe: YES


A set of 3 Roy Kirkham “Larch” shape fine bone china mugs with artwork by Lesley Anne Ivory. Octopussy on Cabin quilt.

Lesley Anne Ivory is without doubt the most talented cat artist of this generation. Her work has evolved over many years into  a distinctly recognisable genre where attention to detail is paramount to the appeal of her work. At the core of her work Lesley loves and understands cats,  she is delighted that so many of her favourite cats , Agneatha, Muppet, Octopussy and friends have been chosen for these exquisite ceramics. Lesley has been illustrating and painting all of her life having studied at St Alban’s School of Art then working as an Art Teacher, her work has been regularly exhibited at The Royal Academy  and in galleries in London and New York